What we know is insignificant compared to what will find out over the next 50 years.

As a collective of humans we know more than ever before. Conversely as individuals we have forgotten more than we learned.

Increasingly we outsource micro-decision making to technology. Many of these decisions may become redundant if executed by AI’s, or if they don’t become redundant then the systems will become increasingly integrated into the physical human – cyborgs.

It’s a possibility that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will be realized. In which case it makes sense to think about our goals as a human race, before it moves out of our hands.

The $ is the only belief that all of humanity agree exists.

Our human intelligence has allowed us to create and access things that make us feel good, but aren’t necessary good for us – this includes, but is not limited to; manufactured food; technology; and media.

Should humans become subservient to media, technology or manufactured food, it may render them obsolete.

It’s a good thing when humans move – physically, spatially, geographically and mentally.

Work as a construct may not be necessary for much longer. Automation will replace labour, and AI/AGI will allow production and allocation of resources to be so efficient, there will be enough for everyone.

Governments and NGO’s will continue to be helpless to solve problems associated with poverty, globalization and energy production. Mega corporations will solve these problems in the interest of increasing their addressable marketable population (as current markets become saturated with their products/services).

When ‘work’ diminishes, and more social and  physical human skills become replaced by technology – one big threat to humanity is laziness driven by  addiction to media, technology and manufactured food. We need to plan for people to have access to, and know how to participate in progressive (not regressive) play.

Firm beliefs and long term goals will be essential for humans who wish to stay relevant, and subsequently those who will survive.